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NMSU AFROTC cadets get hands-on training in emergency exercise

Cadets in the New Mexico State University Air Force ROTC program spent Thursday afternoon in an emergency activity that included simulated gun shots, gas and accident victims.

AFROTC Cadet Brian Mead stands guard in front of a triage area on the Horseshoe during a training exercise. (Photo by Harrison Brooks)

The objective was to optimize leadership opportunities for field training cadets by creating a stressed environment for problem solving and rapid reaction to a changing situation.

"We learned a lot today about what we need to work on and how we can help these cadets develop a better sense of situational awareness," said Lt. Col. Steve Groll, AFROTC commander. "We were able to incorporate the first responders from campus. The police fired blank rounds and that got the cadets' attention."

The NMSU Police and Fire departments assisted in the exercise which consisted of an active shooter and bomb threat-type situation. The activity used the areas of campus from Hardman, Guthrie and Young Halls down onto Horseshoe field.

"This was a great training experience, especially how realistic they made it with the gun shots and the IEDs (improvised explosive devises)," Cadet Scott White said, adding that the frenetic speed of the exercise added to the legitimacy of it.

For more information on the exercise, contact Air Force ROTC at (575) 646-3126.