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National security expert to speak at NMSU on challenges facing U.S.

The New Mexico State University Department of Communication Studies Speaker Series will feature Annette L. Sobel from the University of Missouri at Columbia. Sobel will present "Keeping the U.S. Ahead in Science, Technology and Communication: National Security Challenges of the Present and Future."

The talk will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 27, in the auditorium of the Physical Science Laboratory in Anderson Hall.

Sobel will use scenarios based on national security disasters to present elements of information assurance and security. She will address global biosecurity and the need for robust communication strategies to address responses to unconventional threats and emergencies. In view of these threats, Sobel will argue that it is vital that the U.S. maintain a role as a world leader in science and technology.

Sobel served as a major general in the Arizona Air National Guard; as the former Director of Intelligence, National Guard Bureau; and as a former standing member of the Defense Intelligence Agency's Advisory Board. She served as the Homeland Security Director for the state of New Mexico from 2003-2005. She was also a member of the Senior Officer Advisory Panel for the Joint Military Intelligence College.

Her work has emphasized weapons of mass destruction information analysis, technology transition to field operational environments and development of distributed, immersive learning environments and displays. She has supported the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the past three years and mentored young scientists in the Defense Science Study Group. She served as a member of a National Academy of Science USSOCOM Standing Committee and currently serves on the World Federation of Scientists committee on mitigation of acts of terror (through science). Sobel was a U.S. Army astronaut candidate in 1988.

PSL will host a reception with light refreshments following Sobel's presentation. For more information on the talk, contact Kenneth Hacker at (575) 646-4839 or comstudy@nmsu.edu.