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NMSU hosts art competition for high school students sponsored by Harry Teague

High school student artists will display their work at the New Mexico State University Art Gallery on May 8 for the final round of a congressionally sponsored art competition.

The five artists are all students from New Mexico's 2nd Congressional District. U.S. Rep. Harry Teague is behind the project that will see the contest winner go on to Washington, D.C., to have his or her work displayed alongside the artwork of students from all other congressional districts for one year in the U.S. Capitol Building.

"I am delighted that the U. S. House of Representatives is sponsoring competitions for high school artists across the nation," said Jeffrey Brown, interim art department head. "It seems clear to me that Congress understands the importance of the arts in our society."

A panel of three judges will review the pieces to determine the winner. Jacklyn St. Aubyn, an associate professor from the NMSU Department of Art, will serve as a judge.

"The competition will encourage students to pursue their interests in art, and I hope that many of the high school students in New Mexico who participate in this year's event will ultimately study art in our department," Brown said.

Teague is scheduled to attend the competition as well.

For more information, contact Jeffrey Brown at (575) 646-4601.