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NMSU's Chile Pepper Institute creates more user-friendly Web site

New Mexico State University's premier source for chile pepper information will be better able to promote the iconic state vegetable thanks to an updated Web site.

The Chile Pepper Institute is a research-based, international nonprofit organization devoted to education, research and archiving information related to chile. Scientists, students, gardeners and others from all over the world go to the Chile Pepper Institute to get information or have chile pepper-related questions answered.

In fact, the institute's Web site receives more than 100 hits per day, which is why it was decided the site needed to be revamped.

"We are the only research-based informational resource for chile peppers in the world. Because of this, we needed a much more easily navigated and higher-tech Web site," said Danise Coon, program coordinator of the Chile Pepper Institute.

The Web site has become much more user-friendly thanks to a newly designed homepage with links to six main categories of information, including news and events, programs and chile information. The links consolidated information, making it easier to find specific information.

The site has an online, secure shopping cart which allows individuals an easier way to buy seeds, books and posters on chile peppers. It also features links to the institute's Facebook and Twitter pages that help inform others about the wonders of chile.

Along with educating the public about chile peppers, the institute collaborates with the NMSU Chile Breeding and Genetics Program to preserve chile germplasm of cultivated and wild species and to advance the studies of chile pepper diseases.

To visit the institute's Web site, go to http://www.chilepepperinstitute.org.