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Electrical engineering master's program now offered online

The College of Engineering at New Mexico State University is now offering a complete master's degree program in electrical and computer engineering via the Internet. One graduate course is offered this summer and five more are scheduled for fall 2010.

"This is not a new degree program. It's the same curriculum, same instructors, same course requirements and same coursework that on-campus students experience," said Paul Furth, interim head of the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. "The only difference is the delivery."

The distance education program was developed specifically to accommodate the needs of working engineers who cannot attend classes on campus due to scheduling and travel.

"People who are employed can now conveniently benefit from graduate-level education," said Furth.

The entire 30-credit, coursework-only master's of science in electrical engineering can be taken remotely (with the exception of one half-day exam, the MSEE coursework option final exam, which must be taken on-site).

Alternately, students may choose to complete 27 credits of online coursework, a three-credit technical report with a graduate advisor and an oral exam, which must be taken on-site.

"This option allows the student the opportunity to choose a project that aligns well with their job duties. It's a win-win. Several graduate students employed with power companies have been doing this for some time," said Furth.

Distance education courses are offered in five key areas: electric energy systems, digital communications, digital signal processing, space systems and telemetering.

Control Systems Synthesis I (EE 551) will be offered for the summer session, beginning May 27. The deadline for registration and course addition for summer session is June 4. Five electrical and computer engineering courses will be offered via distance education for the fall 2010 semester.

Admissions standards and procedures for the online MSEE program are identical to the regular on-site program.

For more information visit http://www.ece.nmsu.edu/MSEEOnline.htm or call (575) 646-3115.