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Air Force and Army ROTC hold first BBQ picnic

New Mexico State University's Air Force and Army ROTC's newest cadets and alumni kicked off the school year with an afternoon filled with camaraderie as ROTC hosted its first BBQ picnic Thursday, Aug. 26, at the ROTC dorms.

Lt. Col. Richard C. Johnson presents Air Force ROTC new cadet Jenni Sweger with her Trinity Flight guidon at Air Force and Army ROTC's first welcome back BBQ picnic held Thursday, Aug. 26. (NMSU photo by Donyelle Kesler)

Sponsored by the Las Cruces chapters of Reserve Officers Association and Military Order of World Wars, the picnic was a way to welcome back to campus returning cadets and introduce ROTC's newest members. The cadets were welcomed by College of Arts and Sciences Dean Christa Slaton and received words of wisdom and thanks from U.S. Army veteran Lt. Col. Kirk McCarter of the President of Reserve Officers Associated, U.S. Navy veteran Capt. Walt Baker and History Department Head Jon Hunner.

The Air Force ROTC's flight was presented its Trinity Flight guidon and NMSU alumni coordinator Deborah Widger also distributed coins to each new cadet that represented their vow to work hard towards their degrees.

"You of the new Trinity Flight, and all other flights gathered here today will join the next generation of air men and air women to protect our nation. You will have many responsibilities dealing with both perils and promises during your career. You will work towards the promise of peace, while preparing for the peril of war," Hunner said. "The Trinity site, the birthplace of our atomic age, lends to your flight as well as your generation, an ongoing legacy of a bright future countered by a grim reality."

The ceremony capped off with food and drinks where both alumni and active ROTC members were able to meet and socialize.