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NMSU's Chile Pepper Institute to benefit from sales of Biad's 'super-flavored' chile

Green chile lovers can satisfy their cravings in a super way and benefit chile pepper research at New Mexico State University at the same time. This fall, Las Cruces-based Biad Chili is introducing Biad's Reserve chopped green chile, made from "super-flavored" Heritage chiles developed by NMSU. A portion of sales will be donated to NMSU's Chile Pepper Institute.

This fall, Las Cruces-based Biad Chili is introducing Biad's Reserve chopped green chiles, with a portion of sales to be donated to New Mexico State University's Chile Pepper Institute. (NMSU photo by Justin Bannister)

The peppers used in Biad's Reserve are the mild NuMex Heritage 6-4 and hot NuMex Heritage Big Jim, which were bred by the Chile Pepper Institute to have five times the flavor compounds and aroma of similar chiles grown today. A portion of the sales from the 13-ounce size of chopped green chile will help the Chile Pepper Institute in raising money for an endowed chair in research and to establish a new, expanded institute facility.

"The 13-ounce products contain 100 percent pure chopped heritage green chile - with no added water - so customers will end up with 40 percent more green chile per container," said Mark Gladden, director of development for NMSU's College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. "The increased flavor compounds of the Heritage varieties will be perfectly maintained."

"The taste and the smell of these peppers really set them apart from others," said Chris Biad, president of Biad Chili. "Our label was also designed by NMSU student Julia Uriostegui, so we have a real connection to NMSU, both inside and out."

The Chile Pepper Institute began working on the Heritage line after discovering that decades of breeding practices that emphasized the traits of plant yield and disease resistance had caused several New Mexico chile varieties to lose their signature taste and aroma. NuMex Heritage varieties are bred from seeds frozen since the 1960s in liquid nitrogen from the original plant strain. The new peppers still have beneficial traits for farmers but also have 500 percent more flavor.

Biad Chili donated one-pound whole-pod packages of NuMex Heritage chile peppers to the Chile Pepper Institute last fall. Proceeds from those sales, and a portion of the proceeds from sales at the Biad Chili plant, were donated to help establish the endowed chair. This year, Biad Chili is donating containers of Biad's Reserve chopped green chile, one-pound bags of whole NuMex chile peppers and a portion of the proceeds from sales at their plant.

Products are available for purchase from the Chile Pepper Institute, located in Room 265 of NMSU's Gerald Thomas Hall, or from the Biad Chili plant, located at 6060 S. Main St. in Las Cruces.

For more information, call the Chile Pepper Institute at 575-646-3028 or visit http://www.chilepepperinstitute.org. Biad Chili can be reached at 575-525-0034 or by visiting http://biadchili.com.

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