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Student PIRG encourages NMSU students to get out and vote

New Mexico Public Interest Research Group's New Voter's Project is in full swing and the organization is encouraging New Mexico State University students to register to vote and turn out to the polls on Election Day. With their online link, http://www.studentvote.org, PIRG has made it easier than ever for students to register.

"Registering to vote online is one of the fastest and easiest ways to register," said Todd Martin of New Mexico PIRG. "In 2004, we ran the New Voter Project at NMSU and it was a huge success. This year at NMSU, we want to register 10 percent of the student body to vote in 2010. We did it before in 2004, let's do it again in 2010."

NMSU's Student PIRG group will be working to register students to vote until the voter registration deadline on Tuesday, Oct. 5. The group will be registering students to vote in the classroom, at tabling events around campus, at special events planned throughout the semester and in the dorms, as well as online. Leading up to Election Day the group will be running a get out the vote campaign to ensure that registered students go to the polls and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

"We want students in New Mexico to have a voice," said Angelina Hayes, an NMSU PIRG intern. "We are encouraging students to get involved because they can make a difference."

The group is also seeking student volunteers to assist throughout the campaign.

"This semester, we're going to help as many students register to vote as possible and make a ton of reminder contacts," Martin said. "To do this we need a lot of help."

"Campaigns like these are absolutely essential for young voter registration," Government Department Head Nancy Baker said. "Historically, there is a low turnout among young voters on election days. I am a big believer and supporter in campaigns like this because voting is the way students can make an impact on public policies."

New Mexico PIRG is a statewide, non-partisan, student-directed consumer and environmental group working to solve social problems like the rising cost of higher education, global climate change and textbook and credit card rip-offs. The student PIRGs work with college students in order to train and mobilize the next generation of community organizers, citizen leaders and lifelong activists.

In just a matter of five to 10 minutes, students can register to vote online at http://www.studentvote.org.

Students interested in volunteering with PIRG can visit http://www.nmpirgstudents.org/nmsu or contact Alex Deucalian at adeucali@nmsu.edu or 505-907-6095. For more information about the New Mexico PIRG, visit http://www.nmpirg.org/. For information on the New Voter's Project, visit http://www.studentpirgs.org/new-voters-project/.