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New-student orientations start May 22

A series of orientations for new students and transfers will begin Monday (May 22) at New Mexico State University, according to Mary Berry, director of New Student Orientations in the Office of Student Affairs.

"Through these orientations, we try to provide students with an early connection to campus life at NMSU," Berry said. "Research shows that a positive first experience on campus will help increase their chances of staying in school and being successful."

About 2,700 new students, including freshmen and transfer students, will attend one of the 10 orientations offered between May and August. The majority of freshmen will be accompanied by parents or other family members, Berry said. A key part of orientation for freshmen is advising, which enables them to register for their classes.

The orientations, which range in length from part of a day to a day and a half, are led by a staff of 13 NMSU students, including undergraduates, graduate students and transfers. The staff gives campus and community tours, escorts students and their families to information sessions and advising centers on campus, answers questions and provides other services as needed.

"These students are selected for their enthusiasm, their friendly and caring attitude, and their high energy levels," Berry said. "Although some of the programs may attract up to 1,000 or more people, we try to individualize our programs as much as possible. We want to make sure everyone feels a part of NMSU."

Some families actually stay in residence halls on campus during their orientation visits, "which really gives them the feel for the campus," she added.

One of the orientations is included in what is called "Chile Camp," a more extensive four-day program sponsored by the Associated Students of NMSU for freshmen.

Program dates are as follows:

* May 22, Summer Session I
* June 9-10, Freshmen Program I
* June 19, Transfer Program I
* June 22-23, Freshmen Program II
* July 5, Summer Session II
* July 14, Transfer Program II
* July 15-16, Freshmen Program III
* July 26-30, Chile Camp/Freshmen Program IV
* Aug. 4, Freshmen Program V
* Aug. 20-21, Freshmen VI and Transfer III.

Fall classes begin on Wednesday, Aug. 23. For more information, call the New Student Orientation office, 646-1055.

Nena Singleton
May 11, 2000