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Family Friendly Employers Can Create Winning Situations

LAS CRUCES -- With more than two-thirds of the nation's preschoolers having both parents in the workforce, employers who get involved in child care issues can create winning situations, said a New Mexico State University child development specialist.

Work environments that are family friendly and assist employees with child care concerns have proven to have lower staff turnover, fewer employee absences and higher production, said Diana DelCampo with NMSU's Cooperative Extension Service.

Child care problems cause working parents to be off the job an average of eight days a year. "Family friendly" employers benefit greatly if they are involved in these child care issues, she said. Some of the suggestions for being a "family friendly" employer include offering flexible work hours, generous parental leave policies, on-site care, and resource and referral services. "In New Mexico, we have several resource and referral services already available," DelCampo said.

Employees should talk with the human resources director or the employer about offering "family friendly" services. Employees also can discuss with co-workers and then present "family friendly" ideas to employers.

For more information about employer-assisted child care, call the National Association for the Education of Young Children Information Service at 1-800-424-2460.