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NMSU professor examines how animals choose a home

People may choose where they live, based on factors like population, geographic location, weather and environment. But have you ever wondered how animals choose a place to live? You may be surprised to find that just like humans, animals can be particular about their homes too.

New Mexico State University Biology Assistant Professor Karen Mabry will examine animal movement behavior in the third lecture of the College of Arts and Sciences' Fall Colloquium Series, titled "Someplace Like Home: How Animals Choose a Place to Live." The colloquium is from 4 to 5:15 p.m. Monday, Oct. 25, in Room 107 of NMSU's Science Hall.

Based on her research, Mabry will discuss how animals move across landscapes and interact with other species as well as what factors influence their choices to settle down.

"We often see animals going about their lives in their natural environments, but don't usually consider how they got there," Mabry said. "Most animals do some sort of movement at some point in their life. Because animals are transporting themselves and their genes across the landscape, their decisions about where to live play an important role in ecological and evolutionary processes."

Mabry teaches a variety of courses in NMSU's Biology Department, including courses on animal behavior and zoology. She will be teaching a course on ecology in the spring.

The colloquium is free and open to the campus and community. For more information call 575-646-3611.

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