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NMSU Encourages Ranchers to Test Bulls and Develop Heifers at Abiquiu

RIO ARRIBA - Ranchers from New Mexico and surrounding states can have the genetic potential of their bull calves tested at this year's Northern New Mexico Bull Test at El Sueño del Corazon Ranch in Abiquiu.

Ranchers whose bulls are accepted for testing will also be eligible to develop their heifers at the site during the tests.

Beginning Nov. 11, the bull calves will be monitored for 112 days in a controlled setting to evaluate their weight gain. The test is sponsored by New Mexico State University's Cooperative Extension Service.

"This is a great way for livestock producers to compare their bulls with those from other producers," said Tony Valdez, Extension agent in Rio Arriba County. "The bull test also generates camaraderie among ranchers as they work together toward a common goal?improving the quality of their herds."

To be eligible for the test, calves must be registered purebreds and have current vaccinations. The animals must have been born between Jan. 20 and April 20, 2000. The yearling bulls will be sold at auction at the end of the test on March 24, 2001.

This is the fifth year of the test and auction, in which an average of about 30 bulls have been sold each year. Of the bulls accepted for testing, 90 percent will be eligible for sale at auction, Valdez said.

"The bull test and sale were created to bring quality animals to northern New Mexico and make them available to area livestock producers," Valdez said.

Ranchers who want their bulls tested can contact Valdez at (505) 753-3405.