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Crisis Exemption for Cotton Rust in Effect for July 20-Aug. 3

LAS CRUCES - An outbreak of yield-slashing cotton rust in southwestern New Mexico has prompted a special use label for a new fungicide.

The New Mexico Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency approved a crisis exemption for the fungicide QUADRIS Flowable from July 20 through Aug. 3 for these counties: Chaves, Curry, Doņa Ana, Eddy, Hidalgo, Lea, Luna, Quay, Roosevelt and Sierra.

"This material should help prevent the development of the disease and may help heavily infested plants avoid the serious problem of premature leaf drop," said Natalie Goldberg, Plant Pathologist with New Mexico State University's Cooperative Extension Service. This material is a reduced-risk pesticide and is very safe when used as directed.

Cotton rust causes serious yield losses in both Pima and upland cotton. The disease requires both cotton and grama grasses to complete its life cycle. The fungus begins on cotton. Spores from it move and infect grama grass before returning to infect cotton. Although the fungus occurs every year, this year's heavy rains and high humidity have created serious cotton rust outbreaks in Luna and Doņa Ana counties.

Growers who want to apply QUADRIS Flowable must acquire a crisis exemption label from NMDA, Goldberg said. Producers must have the label in possession at the time of application.

Goldberg cautions that farmers need to be very careful with spray drift when applying QUADRIS Flowable if they are near an apple producer or produce apples themselves because the fungicide is very destructive to apples. Producers should also avoid using the same equipment on cotton and apples when applying QUADRIS Flowable.

For more information on the use of QUADRIS Flowable or to get a crisis exemption label, contact NMDA at (505) 646-2133.