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NMSU exceeds first NEH fund-raising goal

New Mexico State University has received the first $100,000 installment of a $450,000 National Endowment for the Humanities challenge grant after exceeding the first goal in a campaign to raise matching funds for the newly established Southwest and Border Cultures Institute (SBCI).

"That payment has gone into the endowment so that next academic year we can begin funding Southwest and Border Cultures Institute activities from the endowment," said Reed Dasenbrock, associate dean and director of the Arts and Sciences Research Center at NMSU.

The university will raise $1.35 million in non-federal contributions to add to the $450,000 NEH grant to create a $1.8 million endowment for the SBCI. The institute will promote research and community outreach activities that emphasize the unique multicultural heritage of the Southwest border region.

The NEH required that the university raise $100,000 by July 31, 1999, to receive the first installment of the grant. "We certified contributions of $171,000, more than half again as much as we were required to," Dasenbrock said.

Since then other contributions toward the NEH campaign, including a $30,000 gift from the El Paso Energy Corp. for the Border Maps Project in the University Library, have pushed the fund-raising over the $200,000 threshold, he said.

For more information on the fund-raising campaign or the Southwest and Border Cultures Institute, call Dasenbrock at (505) 646-2611 or Cindy Hoffmann at (505) 646-2773.