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NMSU's College of Education announces scholarships

Fifteen New Mexico State University students were awarded scholarships from the College of Education for the 1999-2000 academic year.

The recipients are: Delia R. Arzapalo, the Homer Heathman Jr. Memorial Scholarship of $1,251, donated by Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shoberg and Mary Heathman Pulice; Meena Banatwala and Lou Ann Krienke, the Adrian Berryhill Graduate Fellowship of $500 each, donated by Gladdus Berryhill; Marie Brookey, the Jean Thomas Endowed Memorial Scholarship of $1,251, donated by Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Thomas and Gloria Ortiz; and Elisabeth Kamie, the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium Scholarship of $2,000, donated by Stephan Horan and Patricia Hynes.

Additional students receiving scholarships are: Brenda Lankford of La Mesa, the Timothy Cleary Endowed Memorial Scholarship of $1,400, donated by Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Cleary and Kelly Coffeen; Rebecca Lindsey and Dienne Lucero, the Marilyn Kallman Heathman Scholarship of $752 each, donated by Marilyn and H. William Heathman III; Michelle Marshall, the College of Education/Student Teaching Scholarship of $500, represented by Ann Goode; Therea Pfaff, the Richard W. Benfer Graduate Fellowship of $500, donated by Richard W. Benfer; Victor Vodounou, the John Risner Memorial Scholarship of $522, donated by Mary Risner.

Other students receiving scholarships: are Lina Benavidez of Caldwell, Ind., the Michael Gallegos Memorial Scholarship of $500, donated by Rex and Sarah Steffey and Drs. Robert and Anne Gallegos; Christina Krumsiek of Ventura, Calif., and Melissa Ann Berry of Hobbs, N.M., the Carrie Elizabeth Geyer Memorial Scholarship of $300 each, donated by William and Molly Geyer.

NMSU student Jaci Downing received full-tuition assistance through the fall 1999 Las Cruces Public Schools Tuition Assistance Program. LCPS awards tuition assistance to exemplary student teachers.

The students were honored at a College of Education Scholarship Reception Sept. 28.