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4-H Members Receive Scholarships, Awards

LAS CRUCES - 4-H members from across New Mexico received scholarships and awards at a ceremony July 18, concluding the four-day State 4-H Conference at New Mexico State University.

4-H member Jennifer Doyle of San Juan County selects the perfect flower during the horticulture contest Tuesday at the State 4-H Conference at New Mexico State University. 4-H members compete in more than 30 contests, including archery, livestock judging, shooting sports, public speaking and fashion revue. (07/17/2002) (Courtesy Photo by Paddy McIlvoy)

Scholarships totaling more than $10,000 were presented. The 4-H Foundation awarded $2,000 scholarships to Jace Rivera of Valencia County, Tamara Rowland of Chaves County, Erin McMath of Torrance County, Thomas Wortman of Colfax County and Vera Wilson of Torrance County.

New Mexico's Family and Community Education Association awarded $1,000 to Tamara Rowland of Chaves County and $500 to Stephanie Redman of Rio Arriba County.

Erin McMath of Torrance County received the $500 Mary Ross Moore scholarship. Mary Moore Memorial Scholarship winners Johnathan Walsh of Santa Fe County, Sam Lowry of Doņa Ana County, and Megan Townsend of Eddy County each received $500.

High-point individual winners in 10 contests will receive $500 scholarships from NMSU's College of Agriculture and Home Economics. They are Justin Moore, Catron County, agricultural presentation; Elizabeth Knight, Doņa Ana County, home economics presentation; Mia Armstrong, Curry County, prepared public speaking; Chelsea Miller, Union County, consumer decision making; Katie Babcock, San Juan County, horse judging; Stefan Wagley, Curry County, livestock judging; Sarah McClain, Curry County, horticulture; Katie Laney, Luna County, fashion revue; and Mathew Ellis, shooting sports, Doņa Ana County.

Awards for 30 different statewide contests were also presented. First place winners are listed by county below. (HP designates the high-point individual for that contest.)

Bernalillo County. Hippology team - Jessie Pisel, Jenna Pisel, Michal Almanza and Kali Benson (HP). Horse bowl team - Michelle Reynolds, Kali Benson, Jessie Pisel, Shianne Kornrumph and Brad Kornrumph (HP). Home economics bowl team - Patricia Bullion, Whitney Kupferer, Amber Carman and Elizabeth Malone.

Chaves County. Range management team - Dusty Winkler, Victoria Parkhill and Shelby Wooton (HP). Land judging team - Dusty Winkler, Victoria Parkhill (HP), Shelby Wooton and Clint Hopper.

Cibola County. Archery - compound bare bow team - Megan Cook, Ryan Hiles, Justin Cook and Kendra Valdez.

Colfax County. Target rifle team - Cameron Burk (HP), James Lark, Jim Grubelnik and Cooper Hampton.

Curry County. Crops judging team - Lori Richardson, Ryan Belcher, Corbin Lockmiller and Carrie Philips (HP). Public Speaking - prepared - Mia Armstrong. Horticulture team - Melissa Johnson, Kecia Bradley, Ashleigh Simon and Sarah McClain (HP). Consumer decision making team - Mark Gant, Ricky Burns, James Gant and Josh Wooley. Livestock judging team - Daniel AlderseBaes, Jennifer Blackburn, Ryan Willoughby and Stefan Wagley (HP).

DeBaca County. Meats identification team - Jamelynn Johnson (HP), Megan McCollum, Kaylynn Johnson and Derek Dimitroff.

Doņa Ana County. Home economics presentation - Elizabeth Knight. Horse public speaking - Lindsay Thomen. Archery - freestyle unlimited individual - Mathew Ellis. Fashion magic - Amanda Lowry.

Eddy County. Wildlife habitat evaluation team - Courtney Evans, Jordan Blount (HP), Justin Polito, Jaclyn Cass. General presentations - Leticia Varelas.

Grant County. Archery - freestyle unlimited team - Cody Massengill, Chris Mortensen, Daniel Gomez and Casey Kuehnlenz. Archery - freestyle limited team - Amanda Scarsella, Auhdra Pierce, Lacy Wetzel and Elizabeth Tow. Pistol team - Megan Wilson (HP), Levi Adams and Lauren Webb.

Lea County. Dairy bowl team - Lindsey Worden, Beth Nave, Wayne Worden and Rachel Meyers. Entomology team - Keely McCrory, Trey Grosebeck, Shanna Hardin and Amber Groves (HP). Dairy judging individual - Lindsey Worden. Shotgun team - Cody Williams, Jim Ross Caviness, Jake Nave (HP) and John Ross Norris.

Luna County. Fashion revue - formal wear - Katie Laney.

Otero County. Light rifle silhouette individual - J.W. McFarland. Parliamentary team - Chelsea Daugherty, Leslie Abercrombie, J.W. McFarland, Kammi Jones, Katrina Haden and John Allen.

Quay County. Muzzleloading silhouette individual - Chelsea Bader. Public Speaking - impromptu - Tiffany Dowell. Wool judging individual - Tiffany Dowell. Light rifle silhouette team - Adam Evetts, Chelsea Bader, Jordan Jennings and Tess Bader. Livestock skill-a-thon team - Tiffany Dowell, Brad Kirksey, Trey Rusk and Denton Dowell.

Roosevelt County. Livestock skill-a-thon individual - Heidi Best.

San Juan County. Horse judging individual - Katie Babcock.

Sierra County. Horse judging team - Sarah Peterson, Jennie Bierner, Krystie Bierner and Tirzah Chavez. Archery - compound bare bow individual - Cauy Goar.

Torrance County. Wool judging team - Jace McMath, Judd Gardner, Lindsay Mitchell and Kelsey Sours

Union County. Favorite foods - Talisha Franz. Consumer decision making individual - Chelsey Miller.

Valencia County. Muzzleloading silhouette team - Josh Baca, Bryce Richard, Dustie Powell and Preston Smith. Archery - traditional bow individual - Luke Crawford.