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Goss Named to New NMSU Turf Post

LAS CRUCES - Ryan Goss, a turf scientist from the University of Nebraska, has been tapped as a new assistant professor in New Mexico State University's agronomy and horticulture department.

Goss expects to study liquid fertilizer application. "We've found that they have some real benefits for use on grasses that are drought and salinity stressed," Goss said. "I want to look in that direction and pin down some better management strategies for New Mexico."

Goss expects to conduct research on campus, and take advantage of the NMSU's 12 far flung agricultural science centers, located from Farmington to Artesia.

"It's important to be able to evaluate turf under different situations," he said. "With New Mexico's eight climatic zones, having these science centers available is a critical element to the quality of our research."

Another of Goss' goals is to strengthen NMSU's academic turfgrass program, bringing in more students. Today, there are a growing number of careers for graduates specializing in turf, such as running professional lawn-care businesses, designing and maintaining parks, athletic
fields and golf courses.

A native of Atlanta, Ga., Goss is a member of the American Society of Agronomy, the Crop Society of America and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.

"Turf is a driving force of tourism, especially for New Mexico," Goss said. "Look how well Phoenix and Tucson sell their golf courses as destinations and retirement places. New Mexico has that same opportunity."

Goss earned his bachelor's degree in landscape architecture at Ohio State University and master's degree in crop and soil science at Michigan State University. His doctorate, which focused on turfgrass weed control, was from the University of Nebraska.
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