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Montana State Range Researcher Comes to NMSU

LAS CRUCES - Derek Bailey, a range scientist with more than three decades of experience, has joined New Mexico State University's College of Agriculture and Home Economics.

The La Veta, Colo., native will focus his research on improving cattle grazing patterns and improving profitability for New Mexico's producers as an associate professor of range science.

"Cattle tend to graze too heavily in some areas and not enough in others," Bailey said. "If we can change that behavior, then we can protect sensitive natural resources while maintaining economically sustainable grazing levels for those ranchers."

Bailey will serve as director of NMSU's Chihuahuan Desert Rangeland Research Center, a 64,000-acre outdoor research laboratory located 20 miles north of the main campus. The research center, known to many as the College Ranch, dates back to 1927, when the U.S. Congress granted land to what was then New Mexico A&M for research and educational purposes.

In addition to his research, Bailey will teach several range science courses. "One of the main reasons that I was interested in coming to New Mexico State was the opportunity to work on a daily basis with students," he said. "I love to teach, but at my previous position I was 100 percent research. I think this will be fun."

Prior to joining NMSU, Bailey served as associate professor of range science at Montana State University. He also worked as a Gila County Cooperative Extension Service agent with the University of Arizona, and an ecologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service in Woodward, Okla.

Bailey earned bachelor's and master's degrees in animal science and a doctorate in range science from Colorado State University.
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