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NMSU College of Engineering receives $1,000 scholarship donation

New Mexico State University's surveying engineering department has received a $1,000 scholarship donation from the proceeds of the Mesilla Valley Maize Maze, a cornfield maze constructed by NMSU surveying engineering graduate James Aguirre.

Jay Jordan, dean of the College of Engineering, said the donation is a direct result of the engineering college and the university working together with local businesses in community projects.

"The engineering college, particularly the students, really appreciate the support they get from this community," Jordan said. "I am delighted to see the students and community working together to make these projects a reality."

For his senior project, Aguirre laid out the 1.05-mile maze in the shape of the logo commemorating the 150th anniversary of Las Cruces. The maze was open from September 25 through October 31 of last year.

Anna Lyles of Lyles Farms, who owns the field where the maze was built, said a new maze already has been designed and will be built this fall. Lyles Farms will work with George Newman, Guacamole's owner, Steve Frank, an NMSU surveying engineering professor, and Justin Miller, an NMSU surveying engineering senior, to build the 10-acre maze in the shape of a dairy cow. Lyles said another donation will be made to the surveying department from the proceeds of this year's maze.

"We hope to at least double the donation this year," Lyles said. "We could not do this without the help of the NMSU surveying engineering department."

Chris Minnick
July 07, 2000