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NMSU PASS receives nearly $1 million grant to fund graduate students' tuition costs

The New Mexico State University New Mexico-Preparing Autism Spectrum Specialists received a grant for more than $950,000 from the U.S. Office of Special Education to fund the students in NMSU's master's degree program specializing in autism.

The grant is for a four-year time period and pays for full-time tuition, which includes six summer credits, a $700 per month stipend and a $450 per year stipend for book. Some money is also included for travel expenses for the students in the two-year program.

"This is a way of funding students to be able to specialize in autism while they're getting their master's," professor Kathleen Cronin said.

The Autism Specialization has been in progress for two years and contains four classes, an introduction to autism class: Introduction to Autism; Behavior and Autism; Social Skills and Autism; and Communication Skills and Autism. They cover all levels of autism and the ages from preschool through high school.

Cronin hopes to receive another grant at the end of the four years.