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GO Bond approval sends money to the NMSU Library

New Mexico voters approved GO Bond B during the Nov. 2 election, meaning libraries statewide will receive financial aid, including New Mexico State University.

The bond creates a $7 million fund for New Mexico libraries of all types to share. It was voted in by 52 percent overall, with 52 percent of Doņa Ana County voters in support of the bond.

"As a librarian in New Mexico, I'm ecstatic," said Library Dean Elizabeth Titus.

Library bonds have been approved every time they have come up since 1994, though there has never been landslide support for them. The most recent bonds, in 2008 and 2010, tied for the lowest approval votes of the last six proposals.

The bond money will be distributed July 2011. NMSU's Las Cruces campus will receive an estimated $313,000, though this amount may change depending on enrollment numbers.

Titus said the university will spend the money on materials and equipment for the library and resources for the students in the form of one-time purchase items, such as books, maps, documents, movies and subscriptions.

"I'm hoping we can use the money for graduate program collections," Titus said. As new graduate programs come to the university, the library must expand its collection, and she wants to be able to accommodate all of those students.