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Taos Restaurant at NMSU to offer new, sustainable 'to-go' program

In one day, customers at Taos Restaurant at New Mexico State University use enough cardboard to-go containers to equal the length of seven tour busses at 48 feet long. On Jan. 9, NMSU Campus Dining unveiled new, reusable to-go containers which will significantly reduce the amount of daily waste generated by Taos Restaurant visitors.

Visitors to the Taos Restaurant Pancake Supper at New Mexico State University in December 2010 were greeted by a glaring cream-colored tower of 1,200 non-recyclable to-go containers. The tower represented the number of containers that enter campus trash receptacles every day. (Submitted Photo)

Every student enrolled in a NMSU meal plan will receive one free "Eco To-Go" shell container which may be used at Taos Restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Students need only to rinse the container and return it to Taos Restaurant, Java City, the College Canteen or the Aggie Snack Bar, and a card will be issued for a new and professionally cleaned "Eco To-Go" container to be redeemed at Taos Restaurant for the student's next on-the-go meal.

"We were extremely excited when ARAMARK presented the 'Eco-To-Go' program as an option at NMSU," said Tammy Anthony, assistant vice president of NMSU Auxiliary Services. "It is an incredible opportunity to eliminate the waste of more than 8,000 to-go containers per week and one that we think the campus will strongly support."

A replacement for a lost container may be purchased at Taos Restaurant for $5. Anyone not enrolled in a Taos restaurant meal plan may also purchase a to-go container for $5 to participate in the new to-go program.

For more information, visit http://www.nmsu.campusdish.com or call 575-646-1749.