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National Nutrition Month comes to Las Cruces

National Nutrition Month will officially come to Las Cruces via proclamation from Mayor Ken Miyagishima during the City Council meeting on March 7. New Mexico State University's Human Nutrition and Food Science Association (HNFSA) will participate in the ceremony and also hold a food drive to benefit people in need.

(10/20/2004) A healthy diet can boost the immune system, experts at New Mexico State University say. Protein, vitamins A and C, and zinc, in particular, keep up the body's defenses. Dietitians say the best way to get these nutrients is to eat a variety of foods from all food groups. (NMSU photo by J. Victor Espinoza)

The food drive will continue throughout March and the mayor and HNFSA encourage those who attend the mayor's district meetings to bring nonperishable food donations, including canned goods, pasta, ready-to-eat cereals, rice and beans. The donations will go to Casa de Peregrinos' emergency food program.

"National Nutrition Month is a wonderful way to bring public awareness about good nutrition and is also an opportunity to reach out to those in our community who need help achieving good nutrition," said Wanda Eastman, professor of family and consumer sciences at NMSU and faculty advisor to HNFSA. "When we consider all the problems with pediatric obesity and the increase in diabetes and other chronic diseases, one of the ways we can prevent and control them is with good old fashioned good nutrition."

HNFSA will place bins around the NMSU campus at Gerald Thomas Hall and Corbett Center to collect donations. Members of the community can bring food donations to the mayor's district council meetings that will take place on March 8, 15 and 29 in different locations around Las Cruces.