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NMSU students in Japan will return to U.S.

New Mexico State University has notified the six NMSU students who had been studying in Japan to leave that country as soon as possible and is assisting them with arrangements to return.

"As you know, a massive earthquake and tsunami have devastated northeastern Japan. They continue to experience after-effects of the earthquake. We are saddened by these events and our hearts go out to the Japanese people as they struggle to meet the challenge of rescue and recovery," said NMSU President Barbara Couture.

New Mexico State University has been closely monitoring the situation in Japan since these tragic events and has confirmed that the six NMSU students who had gone to Japan are well.

The university is aware of the U.S. State Department's travel warning, issued March 16. As a result, and in compliance with university policy, the university has notified its students to leave Japan at the earliest possible opportunity.

"We have communicated with the universities in Japan and with the students' families. We are facilitating their return and we will ensure a smooth transition as they resume their spring semester courses on this campus when they get here," Couture said. "On our NMSU campus, the Office of Study Abroad has reached out to students from Japan to let them know that we are concerned about the effects of the earthquake in their country and that we are here to provide support for them and to assist them in contacting their families."

An activity this week at NMSU helped many on campus show concern and support: the J.A.P.A.N. fundraiser to benefit earthquake and tsunami victims took place Wednesday and Thursday. The student organization J.A.P.A.N. (Japanese and American People Accepting New cultures) held a fundraiser to benefit earthquake and tsunami victims. Members sold personalized bookmarks and took donations. For each $1 donated, a paper crane will be sent to Japan. All money is going to the Red Cross.

"I would like to thank the members of this organization for conducting this fundraiser and giving us all a chance to show our concern," Couture said. "I appreciate all of you who supported this cause. I also wish to thank the faculty and staff who are working hard to make the arrangements to bring our students home safely."