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7th annual J. Paul Taylor Social Justice Symposium held at Las Cruces Convention Center

New Mexico State University's seventh annual J. Paul Taylor Social Justice Symposium is bringing attention to the issues facing the children of incarcerated and detained parents in this region with a two-day conference that began today at the Las Cruces Convention Center.

One hundred people were in attendance for day one of the symposium, which included keynote speakers Yali Lincroft, a policy consultant with 15 years' experience in local, state and federal policy and program planning, and Dee Ann Newell, director of Arkansas Voices for the Children Left Behind. A series of panels with representatives from criminal justice/corrections; immigration, detention and border rights; and regional public school districts were presented. Youth from the J. Paul Taylor facility also participated in the conference. Some were featured speakers and others read or performed creative work.

"The symposium provides an opportunity to listen to stories of these children and their families," Bond-Maupin said. "It brings people together from higher education, law enforcement, immigration enforcement, social services, the courts, school districts and advocacy organizations to learn from their stories, discuss best practices in the field and work together to minimize harm of our public policies in the lives of these children."

The event will conclude on Friday, April 1, with working group sessions committed to a Children's Bill of Rights, which will target opportunities for organizing sustainable change in policy and practice on behalf of these children.

The J. Paul Taylor Social Justice Symposium, as an expression of NMSU's land grant mission, is devoted each year to an issue of concern to the state and region.

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