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ConocoPhillips supports freshman engineering program

ConocoPhillips recently donated $20,000 to support the engineering Integrated Learning Community at New Mexico State University.

Last fall, the College of Engineering submitted to ConocoPhillips a proposal titled 21st Century Engineers, requesting support for the college's Integrated Learning Community.

The purpose of the Integrated Learning Community retention program is to support incoming freshmen with a specific interest in engineering. The program groups students into four courses for two semesters each. This gives the students the opportunity to complete their fundamental math requirements and become better integrated within the engineering community at the university. The $20,000 grant will support ConocoPhillips Faculty Fellows and provide them with the materials needed to implement an engineering-based curriculum within the ILC.

"When programs that give students the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of engineering receive this kind of support it encourages us to continue to provide these resources for our students. The fact that ConocoPhillips has provided us with this gift shows us the tremendous generosity, support and faith our donors have in our students and faculty," said Ricardo B. Jacquez, dean of the College of Engineering.