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NMSU campus housing full

New Mexico State University's on-campus housing is completely full for the first time in several years for a number of reasons, including increasing enrollment numbers.

The number of students enrolled at NMSU has increased during the past few years, rising from 16,072 students enrolled in 2005 to 16,726 in 2007. This factor has played a large role in the increase of students living in on-campus housing.

"The incoming freshman class is good-sized, and the number of transfer and graduate students has risen. On-campus housing retention also has increased," said Julie Weber, director of housing and residential life.

Another reason the number of students living on campus has gone up is that housing quality has risen during recent years. Physical improvements have been made to existing housing, including new furniture and appliances. Additional housing, Pinon Hall and Chamisa Village, have been built, allowing the university to house nearly 4,000 students.

The economy and increasing gas prices also has had an effect on the number of students wanting to reside on campus.

"When the economy gets rough, more students return to college, especially student families. Also, with gas prices as high as they are, people want to stay close to campus so they don't have to drive," Weber explained.

To accommodate the demand, a waiting list has been set up. However, information about apartments in Las Cruces, especially those within walking distance of the university, has been compiled to help students looking for a place to live.

For more information about NMSU student housing and other housing offered by the community, contact the Department of Housing and Residential Life at (575) 646-3202.