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Bond Issue "B" to provide lab and classroom space

Outdated and inadequate laboratory spaces are among the challenges that face New Mexico State University programs in nursing, health sciences and social work.

General obligation bond issue "B," on the ballot in the general election Nov. 7, will address these issues by providing $5 million toward a new building for the College of Health and Social Services.

Nursing's clinical practice lab needs updating and a laboratory with equipment for the bachelor's degree program in environmental and occupational health also is planned, according to college Dean Jeffrey Brandon. More than 700 undergraduates and 125 graduate students are being prepared for health and social science careers, he said.

In addition to these facilities, bond issue "B" also would provide NMSU's public television affiliate, KRWG-TV, somethng over $2 million to convert to digital transmission, said general manager Ron Salak. KRWG-TV, as well as New Mexico's two other public television stations, face a federal mandate to build a digital transmission facility by May 2003. Bond issue "B" would commit $7.2 million toward that conversion statewide.

Other NMSU projects in the state bond issue are $500,000 for an equestrian complex, $500,000 to finish part of the third floor of Engineering Complex III, and $200,000 for roof repairs at the NMSU-Carlsbad campus.

Bond issue "B" also contains funds for public school projects: $107,758 for Las Cruces school elementary classrooms; $316,092 for Hatch high school classrooms and facilities; $157,687 for Gadsden classrooms; $35,920 for Alamogordo classrooms; and $265,804 for Tularosa classrooms.

The proposed equestrian complex would serve not only NMSU's equestrian teaching program and championship equestrian team, but also 4-H and FFA competitions and other state and regional educational and recreational activities.

The bond issue also includes $500,000 to finish a wing of the third floor of Engineering Complex III. The space would be used for an engineering classroom and for offices for the WERC program, a research and education project addressing environmental waste.

If bond issue "B" is approved, property taxes would increase by about $7.51 a year or 63 cents a month for a home valued at $100,000.

Nena Singleton
Nov. 1, 2000