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NMSU College of Education Alliance Office presents bullying conference in Las Cruces

The New Mexico State University College of Education Alliance Office will present the Bullying Responses and Visions for Equity (BRAVE) conference Oct. 21-22 at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum.

NMSU College of Education professors Azadeh Osanloo and Jonathan Schwartz will present this systematic and comprehensive workshop on bullying assessment, prevention, intervention and evaluation. Attendees of the conference will learn about the latest research on bullying, learn to understand both the bully and the victim, explore best practices of reducing bullying and design a comprehensive and systemic bullying plan individualized for specific schools.

In accordance with N.M. Senate Bill 78, signed by Gov. Susannah Martinez in April, the Public Education Department is required to establish guidelines for bullying prevention policies to be adopted by local school boards by August 2012.

"Bullying is the number one reason for school absences, greatly affects school performance and has long-term negative impacts on both the bully and the victim. Also, with the advent of technology and thus, increase in cyber bullying, there is often not an escape from bullying," Schwartz said. "Research demonstrates that comprehensive bullying programs can significantly reduce the incidents of bullying in our schools."

Other speakers at the conference will include Carrie Hamblen, NMSU alumna and president of the Las Cruces chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays; Jenifer Hartman, director of practice-based research at Edvance Research; and Lauren Decker, researcher on a variety of studies at Edvance Research.

"Bullying is a vitally important issue to address in our school system today," Schwartz said. "There are best practices that significantly reduce bullying, and we want to assist schools, communities and families with understanding, implementing and maintaining research and systemically supported interventions in a meaningful and sustainable way."

The pre-registration deadline for the conference is Sept. 30. Onsite registration will be limited.

The event will be held in the Tortugas Room at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum. The museum is located at 4100 Dripping Springs Road in Las Cruces. For more information, call 575-646-1348.