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Mundt named NMSU President's Associates Scholar

Miranda Mundt, from Los Alamos, is one of only 14 New Mexico State University freshmen selected to receive the 2011 NMSU President's Associates Scholarship.

A photo of Miranda Mundt, NMSU President's Associates Scholar from Los Alamos.
President's Associates Scholarship recipient Miranda Mundt. (Submitted photo)

The President's Associates Scholarship is NMSU's most prestigious scholarship. It is awarded to outstanding high school students from New Mexico who demonstrate academic excellence, community involvement and strong leadership potential.

Mundt, daughter of Mark and Julia Mundt, graduated from Los Alamos High School in 2011. She intends to pursue anthropology, and possibly German, at NMSU. She also achieved the 2010 American Association of Teachers of German GLOW Award. Mundt's interests include biking, yoga and studying German and human rights.

The President's Associates program is now in its 33rd year and is overseen by a volunteer board of directors, which includes several NMSU alumni who also received the scholarship as students. The board helps raise the funds for the generous stipend each student receives and organizes a variety of mentoring and career development activities for the scholars. Paul Rightley, of Los Alamos, is a former President's Associates Scholarship recipient and member of the board.

"I was really excited when Miranda was one of those selected from this year's many bright and talented President's Associates Scholarship applicants, particularly since I am a 1971 Los Alamos High School graduate," said Dan Delaney, member of the President's Associates Board. "Miranda is an exceptional individual, and we look forward to watching her as she progresses through her undergraduate education and beyond."

Since the creation of the scholarship in 1978, it has been awarded to more than 300 students, representing every academic discipline and every community in New Mexico.