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NMSU dormitory gets 'cool roof' with help from El Paso Electric rebate program

New Mexico State University was presented a rebate check of more than $11,000 by El Paso Electric Company to install a "cool roof" on the Garcia Hall dormitory, completed this summer.

A photo of Julie Weber, Gregory Block, Vincent Martinez, Billy Massie and Alex Barreras standing on the roof of Garcia Hall with a $11,600 rebate check from El
Julie Weber, director of NMSU Housing & Residential Life; Gregory Block, associated director of NMSU Housing & Residential Life; Vincent Martinez, sales and technical representative for Elastek; Billy Massie, energy efficiency specialist; and Alex Barreras, coordinator of facilities for NMSU Housing & Residential Life display the $11,600 rebate check from El Paso Electric for the installation of a "cool roof" on Garcia Hall.

The Garcia Hall project was the first cool roof to be installed under the El Paso Electric Saver Commercial Cool Roof Rebate Program. The rebate covered 14 percent of the cost of the project.

Roofs hold heat and transfer it into the building, said Vincent Martinez, sales and technical representative for Elastek, a certified cool roof coatings company out of Tucson. The new cool roof, however, blocks ultraviolet rays from the sun before they turn into heat, and reflects them back into the atmosphere.

When the building had an asphalt roof, the roof temperature might have reached 180 degrees. The cool roof coatings can reduce surface temps by as much as half, Martinez said. The cool roof is water-based and environmentally stable and does not emit any volatile organic compounds, which other roofs can release as gases from certain solids or liquids and can be harmful to the environment.

"In time, the roof will pay for itself because of energy savings," Martinez said.

The installation of the cool roof can reduce cooling costs as high as 40 percent. The roof also requires less upkeep than an asphalt roof.

"It is a sustainable roof," Martinez said. "There will be little maintenance on this roof, except for annual inspections."

NMSU is also working with El Paso Electric to promote energy efficiency on campus in other areas, including lighting projects, air conditioning units and more.

"We are pleased that NMSU chose to have this project done," said Billy Massie, energy efficiency specialist for El Paso Electric. "We look forward to doing more projects with the university and are very pleased with the energy efficiency of this project."

For more information, visit www.epesaver.com/rebate.php?cat=2&rebate=41#jump.