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NMSU student group invites public to help drive out hunger

As the economy struggles and families struggle along with it, a student organization at New Mexico State University is hoping that fellow Las Crucens will help them "drive out hunger" on Food Day, Oct. 24, and throughout the coming weeks.

Lou Sisbarro and staff stand with student organizer Amber Oberlin in front of pickup truck that will be used in a food drive.
Lou Sisbarro (far right) poses with his staff and NMSU student organizer Amber Oberlin (center) in front of truck whose bed they are hoping to fill with food donations from the community. (Courtesy photo)

The Human Nutrition and Food Science Association (HNFSA) student group partnered with the Sisbarro Dealerships to invite the public to help fill the bed of a pickup truck with food donations for Casa de Peregrinos food bank in an effort to "drive out hunger."

"Our student club has taken this project on as a way to contribute locally to the Food Day initiative to help promote access to safe, healthy foods," said Wanda Eastman, dietetic internship director and professor at NMSU. "It's exciting to see students partner with community members for such an important cause."

Food Day was created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest and its aim is to bring people together to promote healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way. HNFSA hopes the public will support the food drive which runs through Nov. 21 and will feature a special event on Food Day, Oct. 24, wherein they have invited local dietitians and politicians to come to the Sisbarro dealership on the corner of Boutz Road and South Valley Drive to encourage the public to donate food.

"When the community comes together they can have a huge impact," said Lorenzo Alba, executive director of Casa de Peregrinos. "The problem is that people aren't always aware of how much of a need exists."

Amber Oberlin, treasurer of HNFSA, said she was encouraged that Sibarro agreed to help with the food drive and is giving a chance to those who make donations at the dealership to win an oil change and have their car detailed.

"We've already got support from the Mesilla Valley Dietetic Association and Sisbarro for Food Day," Oberlin said. "We're appealing to the city council members and mayoral candidates to bring food to help fill up the truck Oct. 24 and are hopeful the public will help support the food drive from now through Nov. 21st."