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NMSU IEE director releases fifth book in renewable energy series

The director of New Mexico State University's Institute for Energy and the Environment released the fifth book in his edited series on energy and the environment titled "Forest-Based Biomass Energy, Concepts and Applications."

A green book displays the title "Forest-Based Biomass Energy: Concepts and Applications" above images of a mountain, lumber and other cut wood.
"Forest-Based Biomass Energy: Concepts and Applications" is the fifth volume in Ghassemi's series on energy and the environment. (photo courtesy of the NMSU Institute for Energy and the Environment)

IEE director and NMSU professor Abbas Ghassemi and Frank R. Spellman collaborated on the latest volume which includes statistics, sampling procedures and plant and tree terminology. Spellman, author of the text, also clarifies the usage of the words biomass and bioenergy, terms often used interchangeably.

"The volume sets the new paradigm that renewable sources of energy do not necessarily need to be in direct conflict with fossil resources but can be complimentary and can be a way to protect our most valuable natural resource," Ghassemi said.

Ghassemi's series includes other topics such as an introduction to renewable energy, geothermal energy, solar energy and wind energy. Vaughn Nelson, William E. Glassley, Robert Foster, Majid Ghassemi, Alma Cota and Jeanette Moore contributed to previous works in the series.

Pending publications in the series include "Hydropower and Application" and "Nuclear Power." The final book in the series, "Solar Resource Instrumentation" is due June 2012. The series is published by the CRC Press.

The series is intended for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, for informed readers involved in design and development of renewable energy technology and for individuals and organizations involved in the development of renewable energy. Many academic institutions also use the series as textbooks.

For more information and to purchase the book, visit http://ieenmsu.com/news-and-publications-3/renewable-energy/