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NMSU'S Physical Science Laboratory sponsoring international confernce on logical modeling

International scholars in logic, mathematics, computer science and other fields will gather at New Mexico State University Jan. 6-8, 2001, for a conference on "Logical Modeling and Cross-Disciplinary Discourse."

Sponsored by NMSU's Physical Science Laboratory, the conference will be held in Corbett Center Student Union. Rom Harre of Oxford University will be the keynote speaker. Scholars from other universities in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia and the United States also are on the program.

The conference will examine the use of modeling in logic, ethics, mathematics, psychology, philosophy, physics, biology, and other disciplines. More information can be found on PSL's Web site at http://www.psl.nmsu.edu/io/call/index.htm.

Karl Hill
Dec. 21, 2000