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Bottle filling station at NMSU makes campus more sustainable, reduces landfill waste

Don't forget to BYOB - bring your own water bottle, that is - next time you are on the New Mexico State University Las Cruces campus.

This is a newly installed Halsey Taylor HAC Water Cooler with HydroBoost bottle filling station at the NMSU Activity Center.
The new bottle filling station at the NMSU Activity Center will help make the campus more sustainable by reducing landfill waste and saving energy and money. (NMSU photo by Emily C. Kelley)

NMSU Plumber Javier Sanchez installed a donated Halsey Taylor HAC Water Cooler with HydroBoost bottle filling station in the Activity Center the week before spring break, in an effort to make the NMSU campus more sustainable. The bottle filling station helps to reduce landfill waste, save energy required to produce plastic bottles and saves consumers money they would otherwise spend on bottled water.

"This is the first bottle refilling station we have on campus," said Ben Gabriel, NMSU assistant director of Recreational Sports. "We're actually looking within our own facility to add more, possibly near the track area."

Sanchez, along with members of the Organization of Aggie Students Inspiring Sustainability (OASIS), the NMSU Office of Sustainability, Associated Students of NMSU (ASNMSU) and Recreational Sports were on hand for an educational event at the Activity Center last week.

"We're trying to create an alternative to plastic bottles to save on recycling," Gabriel said. "The Activity Center is one of the most highly used areas [on campus] for active lifestyles, so this gives people filtered water and fresh water that they can access quickly and efficiently."

Sanchez said that the location of this first bottle filling station was chosen because of the amount of traffic at the Activity Center.

"I see a lot of students and they're overjoyed with this thing," he said. "I hope I see them more. It'll save a lot on the water."

In the first 17 days, the bottle filling station at NMSU has already conserved more than 1,800 plastic bottles that would have otherwise been recycled or thrown away.