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NMSU to close access to some dirt roads at end of semester

New Mexico State University will close public access to about 4.5 miles of dirt roads on the Las Cruces campus at the end of the Spring 2012 semester as a cost saving and safety measure.

Access to Geothermal Road east of the NMSU Golf Course and Driving Range, access to Aggie Rodeo Drive beyond the algae research facility and access to the old hazardous waste facility on Stirrup Road will be closed to the public at the end of the Spring 2012 Semester.

"Part of NMSU's budget reduction effort is to stop maintaining some dirt roads on campus," said Tim Dobson, executive director, Facilities and Services. "Facilities and Services also will be able to provide better-maintained access to the rodeo arena and algae research facility by focusing on the stretch of road from University Avenue/Dripping Springs Road to those facilities."

Driver safety is another concern factored into the decision to close the road. Vehicle travel down unmaintained and unimproved roads is unsafe and can result in damage to vehicle components -and accidents.

As a result of this closure, access to the Aggie Rodeo Arena and NMSU algae research facility will be from University Drive/Dripping Springs Road and Aggie Rodeo Drive, not via Geothermal Road.

The university will benefit from not maintaining this road and other dirt roads on campus, as it will allow Facilities and Services to focus on maintaining roads in the inhabited parts of campus.

"Not maintaining these roads will save the university about $40,000 per year," said Ron Fisher, director, NMSU Facilities Maintenance. "It costs us about $10,000 per quarter just to keep this section of roads maintained."

Those who need access to Geothermal Road east of the Golf Course may contact Facilities and Services at 575-646-2101 to check out a key.

For more information contact Tim Dobson at 575-646-2101.