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NMSU Regents approve capital outlay plan for 2013-2014

The New Mexico State University Board of Regents approved the New Mexico State University Capital Outlay Plan for 2013-2014 in a meeting today on the Las Cruces campus.

The request authorizes approximately $23.046 million in requested planning, renovation and construction project dollars for NMSU system-wide to move forward in the approval process. If approved through the New Mexico Higher Education Department, the request will be presented to the New Mexico Legislature in January 2013.

Several factors are considered when requesting funds for facility repairs and upgrades - programmatic needs, facility conditions and efficient use of existing space. Once considered, there is an extensive process to formally request funds for a project.

"We're trying to do a better job of forecasting what our actual capital needs will be both in terms of buildings, square footage and in terms of infrastructure improvements and upkeep," University Architect Greg Walke said. "That includes everything from roads and parking lots to utility lines and services."

NMSU is using a new capital outlay process, which was developed to make the process more transparent.

First, a project concept is developed and the President's Council conducts a concept needs assessment. The university architect then does a site planning review and the Project Development Office develops a schedule and cost estimate. The next step in the process is for the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Executive Vice President and Provost to review and approve the request for submission. After this, the President's Council, University Executive Council, University Administrative Council and the Campus Planning Committee conduct a final review process. The Office of Facilities and Services then prepares a prioritized Annual Capital Outlay Request and presents this information to the NMSU Board of Regents. When the Regents approve the request, the 5-year Capital Outlay Request to the New Mexico Higher Education Department is prepared and submitted.

Decisions to renovate existing facilities or to build new ones are not taken lightly. Much research and work goes into the process.

Each NMSU campus has projects listed for the 2013-2014 Capital Outlay Request.

"These requests are for the 2013 legislature in January, which would be for the following fiscal year 2013-14," Walke said.

The NMSU Alamogordo request includes $200,000 for Planning for Phase 2 of the Southern New Mexico Advanced Technology Education Center and $3.1 million for infrastructure upgrades and replacements, including classroom and laboratory improvements; Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant doors; road and parking lot improvements; energy

management system improvements; heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting retrofits; campus-wide desert landscaping; and Physical Plant renovations and campus restroom renovations, including ADA and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) features.

The NMSU Carlsbad request contains $200,000 for planning for a Child Development Education Center and $2.487 million for infrastructure upgrades and replacement. The upgrades and replacements include Instructional Building and Computer Building
HVAC updates; biology lab and energy management system improvements; replacing aging T-bar ceiling systems in classrooms; removing peeling vinyl wall coverings in Main and Instructional buildings; and renovating and/or relocating IT equipment rooms.

NMSU Dona Ana Community College's request is for $2.25 million for upgrades and replacements including security and lock upgrades, finish upgrades, carpet replacement, site utilities, roads and parking lots.

The NMSU Grants campus request is for $1.984 million for infrastructure upgrades and replacements, along with $50,000 for programming and planning for a Child Development Education Center replacement. The upgrades and replacements include library renovations, HVAC/energy controls upgrades, solar heating system repair and upgrade, heating upgrade, electrical distribution upgrade and south drainage planning and construction.

The capital outlay request for the Las Cruces campus includes $500,000 for planning for the Arts Complex Phase 2, $100,000 for Library Complex (Branson/Zuhl) space analysis and $12.175 million for infrastructure upgrades and replacements. The upgrades and replacements list includes replacing aging gas transmission lines; replacing the cooling tower at the central plant; chilled water demand reduction via control replacements and upgrade; classroom and laboratory improvement; water-side economizer, chilled water and condenser water pump renovations, chilled water piping and manifold reconfiguration at the central plant; electric transmission system reconfiguration to serve critical buildings from the cogeneration plant and replacing aging electric distribution lines.

An additional request of $6 million also was made for Aggie Memorial Stadium improvements, including $2.5 million for a stadium press box upgrade and $3.5 million for concession and bathroom renovations.

Other requests for athletics facilities are included in a prioritized list of projects needed to improve gender equity, facility life and other improvements totaling $1.6 million. These include improving facilities for the women's swim team, soccer stadium, field house, Coca Cola Weight Training Facility, baseball and softball fields, stadium and Pan American Center.