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NMSU graduate students need you to 'like' their agricultural video on YouTube

Graduate students in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences at New Mexico State University have entered a video competition showcasing how NMSU is feeding the world through agriculture - and now they need your help. If you take a few minutes to watch their video posted on YouTube and "like" them, the students could win a cash prize and international recognition among their peers.

Girl watching YouTube video
Kelsey Quinn reviews the video, "NMSU is feeding the world" that has been entered into a competition with the American Society of Animal Science. The winning video will be chosen by the number of "likes" it receives. (NMSU photo by Audry Olmsted)

The Animal and Range Sciences Graduate Student Association spent weeks earlier this year filming and editing video for their piece "How NMSU's Animal & Range Sciences Department is Feeding the World," sponsored by the American Society of Animal Science. Watch their video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vxsWmwv5aA. The deadline for voting is June 1.

To "like" the video, you must have either a YouTube account or a gmail account. Kelsey Quinn, who spearheaded the video project with the graduate students in the department, said if a person does not already have an account, it is well worth the time to sign up for an account in order to vote.

"From an NMSU standpoint, the main reason you should go online and "like" the video is because it will show that you are promoting the state and the university," she said. "If you take the time to vote, this video is going to be seen at the Joint Annual Meeting (JAM) of the American Society of Animal Science this summer and everyone in attendance is going to see NMSU."

More than 2,000 university professors, students and researchers attend JAM each summer. The conference provides an opportunity for agricultural experts to meet and share information and new research ideas.

Quinn said NMSU chose to use the theme "Feeding the World" as a way to demonstrate the importance of agriculture to our survival.

"I really think this video highlights NMSU and how much we play a role in animal agriculture," she said. "More than anything, it promotes how universities play a role in the overall picture of feeding people around the world."

Through this video, Quinn said students tried to emphasize that NMSU is helping not only the local community, but also the region as well as communities on a national and international scale.

The video highlights different events that occur through the department, as well as outreach efforts and collaborations around the world.

Whether or not the video wins the competition, Quinn said she hopes it can be used by NMSU to promote what the university has to offer.

Tim Ross, interim department head of animal and range sciences, said NMSU and the College of ACES is a well-kept secret. The video, he said, can be directed to the general public, livestock and rangeland clientele and legislators through websites and social media as a way to expose many people to what the college does and how the department's programs impact animal and rangeland industries.

"I am proud of our graduate students for taking on the project," he said. "This project brings attention to the scope of our research, teaching and outreach programs which are not limited by borders. Our students and faculty take pride in the fact that our research is not only important to New Mexico but also important to many regions of the U.S. and world."

The winning video will be determined based on the number of "likes" it receives on YouTube. The top prize includes $1,250.

Quinn said the prize money would be used by the graduate students for travel expenses to various conferences they attend throughout the year, such as JAM, the Society for the Study of Reproduction Meeting, the Equine Science Society Meeting and the Society for Range Management meeting.

The American Society of Animal Science owns the copyright to the video.