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NMSU to host alfalfa, bookkeeping workshop in Espanola

ESPANOLA, N.M. - Raising alfalfa in the shorter growing season of Northern New Mexico is a challenge. The yield per acre is less than other areas of the state because of fewer cuttings during the season. For farmers to increase their profits from their crop they need to maximize the efficiency of their operations.

New Mexico State University forage agronomist Leonard Lauriault will discuss aspects of raising alfalfa during an alfalfa and bookkeeping workshop at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 26, at the Bureau of Indian Affairs Northern Pueblo Agency office, 659 Roadrunner Dr. in Espanola.

Judy Finley, NMSU agriculture and small business specialist, will join Lauriault to discuss agricultural operation bookkeeping during the workshop, which is presented by the Rural Agricultural Improvement and Public Affairs Project.

Lauriault will discuss the cost of different alfalfa varieties, how to select suitable varieties, fertilization, planting time, soil preparation and the forage mixes for horse pastures. Finley will discuss how to ensure a profitable agricultural enterprise by keeping income and expense records on livestock and crops, and by journaling.

Funding for the workshop is provided by the USDA Office of Advocacy and Outreach and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Refreshments will be provided. For more information, contact Judy Finley at 505-852-0480 or jafinley@nmsu.edu.