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NMSU launches two new apps to streamline administrative reporting

New Mexico State University's Media Productions has released two new productivity apps for iPhone and iPad to enhance administrative efficiency by streamlining required reporting chores.

Woman holding iPad showing man how to use it.
Cooperative Extension Service Professor Wendy Hamilton, left, demonstrates an iPad app to Seth Powers, an illustrator/animator with Agricultural Communications. The app is one of two Hamilton helped to develop to assist in recording and tabulating demographic and other data related to AES/CES research and field work. (Photo by Darren Phillips)

Demographica allows users to quickly collect and report important demographic data at a meeting, conference, or other event with a reporting element. A demonstration video of Demographica is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgOEpHM1pkw.

Volunteerica was developed for on-the-go volunteers to record and report their hours worked, activity category, donations collected, along with relevant details, on a daily basis. A demonstration video of Volunteerica is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKYebcyCltM.

"We created these apps for our own reporting needs within the NMSU Cooperative Extension Service, but we soon realized other organizations could use it, too," said Wendy Hamilton, NMSU College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences program development and accountability specialist.

With the Demographica app, the user taps in the attendance data in the required federal format - gender, ethnicity, age group - and immediately emails it to themselves or their administrators.

"Like Volunteerica, the process for Demographica is clean and simple - open the app, record, send, get on with life," said C.C. Chamberlin, programmer analyst with NMSU Media Productions.

"Coordinators and administrators will appreciate both of these new apps because the data is collected in standard formats for ease of reporting," said Jeanne Gleason, NMSU Media Productions director.

Once the data is collected it is emailed in a CSV file that opens in any spreadsheet program, which could feed a reporting system.

For users without an iPhone or iPad, downloadable spreadsheets are available in the same format as the app. They are available on the support pages, located at http://apps.nmsu.edu/.

NMSU Media Productions applies university-based research and knowledge to help people solve everyday problems. These two new productivity apps add to NMSU Media Productions' current library of iPad and iPhone apps in math, fitness, and home and garden.

Demographica and Volunteerica are both available at the iTunes App Store or via http://apps.nmsu.edu.

Link to demonstration video of Demographica

Link to demonstration video of Volunteerica