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NMSU online sociology graduate students to present for first time at regional conference

Four graduate students at New Mexico State University will present their research at the Pacific Sociological Association annual conference March 21-24, in Reno Nev. This event marks the first time online sociology graduate students from the NMSU's Department of Sociology will share their research at this conference.

Headshot of Patricia Hoffman
New Mexico State University associate professor Patricia Hoffman will take four graduate students to a regional conference to present their research, marking the first time online sociology graduate students from the Department of Sociology will present.

"Being able to do research and write a scholarly paper is one thing, but we want to enable our graduates to become active members of the professional community," said Patricia Hoffman, associate professor of sociology in the College of Arts and Sciences. "They must also be prepared for the competitive job market of today. This is one way to bring them to a place where other sociologists are also sharing their research."

The PSA annual conference aims to bring a community of scholars, students and practitioners together for the purpose of disseminating and promoting sociological research. This is their 84th annual meeting.

This year's conference theme is "Research and Teaching Matters: Creating Knowledge, Policy, and Justice," and NMSU scholars will present their papers on a range of topics.

Carolyn Benson, an instructor at Tarrant Community College in Fort Worth, Texas, is presenting a paper titled: "Addiction and Street Walkers: Collateral Economic Damage."

Scott Chattin, who began his degree at NMSU while teaching at Southeastern Community College in North Carolina, will present "Deep Learning in the Online Environment." Chattin is simultaneously pursuing a Ph.D. in education at the University of Illinois.

Meschelle Linjean, who works as a research associate in McLean, Va., had two papers accepted. She will present "American Indian Grandmothers as Custodians and Cultural Conservators" and "The Transracial Adoption of Native Children as a Form of social Inequality."

Teri Jensen-Sellers, an instructor in Pennsylvania, will present a paper titled "Mismanaged governmental social service agencies causes concentrated poverty which prevents post-industrialized towns in the North East from revitalizing."

Hoffman, who serves as mentor to the students, will also present at the conference. Her two papers address pedagogy of teaching online.

Hoffman said she plans to use the knowledge she gained through NMSU's Online Course Improvement Program Fellowship to present her ideas. The online fellowship program is designed to help online professors find innovative ways to enhance the online classes they teach. For more information about the course visit http://ocip.nmsu.edu/one-year-plus/.

For more information about the sociological conference visit their website at http://www.pacificsoc.org/.