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NMSU College of Arts and Sciences associate dean presents at national education workshop

Lisa Bond-Maupin, associate dean for academic planning and budgeting in the College of Arts and Sciences, recently put New Mexico State University in the national spotlight with a presentation about online education.

Woman wearing glasses, shown from the waist up
Lisa Bond-Maupin, associate dean in the College of Arts and Sciences, was one of four presenters at a national conference on distributed education in March. The conference was held aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Calif. (photo by Anne-Marie McCartan)

Bond-Maupin was one of four presenters at the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences March workshop, "Why MOOCs are the Least of Your Worries: What every dean should consider about distributed education," was held in Long Beach, Calif., aboard the Queen Mary, a historic ship famous for transatlantic voyages from 1936-1967.

Massive open online courses are non-credit classes offered by leading universities free of charge and designed for large-scale audiences.

"The fact that my presentation was selected meant to me that our experiences are relevant to what other associate deans/deans are facing related to massive open online courses and other alternative forms of course delivery," Bond-Maupin said.

While the conference focused on MOOCs, Bond-Maupin's presentation zeroed in on her experience with developing distance education courses and programs.

"Most universities don't have experience with MOOCs and most are under pressure to expand online course delivery," Bond-Maupin said. "There was an interest among deans from all over the country in learning from the successes and challenges of other colleges."

Bond-Maupin, who is a member of CCAS, said she was asked to present at the conference after submitting a proposal. While she attends the national meetings annually, this was her first presentation as associate dean.

"What my representation did was introduce NMSU and the College of Arts and Sciences to many of our dean/associate dean colleagues. It gave me an opportunity to talk about how we have strategized about and dealt with the challenges of teaching online in our college," Bond-Maupin said.

Established in 1965, the CCAS serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among arts and sciences deans who represent the member colleges. The council also serves as a representative of the liberal arts and sciences at a national policy-making level.

"At our workshops and meetings we have the benefit of national experts and to think about our situation in the much larger trends occurring in higher education," Bond-Maupin said. "We also have the opportunity to drill down to very specific issues and receive a variety of perspectives that we bring back and apply here."

Bond-Maupin graduated from the University of Missouri and Arizona State University, earning a Ph.D. in justice studies from ASU in 1992. She joined NMSU in 1995 as an assistant professor of sociology.

She has served on numerous committees including Faculty Senate, University Compensation, College Research Affairs and the Dean's Executive Advisory Committee. Bond-Maupin served as co-chair of the New Mexico Juvenile Justice Commission and of the planning committee for the J. Paul Taylor Social Justice Symposium. She has also served as the director of the Women's Studies Program and the academic department head of the sociology department. She is a tenured associate professor.