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NMSU first campus to feature Tea of a Kind in Barnes & Noble Campus bookstores

New Mexico State University alumnus Daniel Montoya brought his company's unique tea product line, Tea of a Kind, to NMSU before any other campus, because NMSU is close to his heart.

This is a photo of three bottles of Tea of a Kind.
NMSU alumnus Daniel Montoya has brought his company's Tea of a Kind product to campus. NMSU is the first campus in the nation to offer the teas. (Courtesy photo)

Tea of a Kind is different in that it is preservative-free and naturally sweetened, brewing the tea with a twist of the cap, right before your eyes. The tea is held within the pressurized Gizmo cap, and shoots into the bottle of water when you slowly twist off the lid.

"It took us almost a year to get the tea here," said David Rodriguez, Barnes & Noble at NMSU café manager. "We reached out to the Barnes & Noble head office and told them about this product of local interest because of the alumni tie, and now we're a test school for the product."

Rodriguez said NMSU is the first Barnes & Noble campus bookstore school to carry the product, and if it is successful here, the product might later be offered to other Barnes & Noble campus bookstores.

The Tea of a Kind product line is currently offered in a total of five states, with more coming on board each month.

The Gizmo closure protects the beneficial characteristics of the teas from degradation from exposure to ultraviolent light, oxidation and other damaging conditions that bottled beverages can encounter in between point of production and time of consumption.

Montoya, vice president of sales operations for Gizmo Beverages, graduated from NMSU with a degree in business operations management in December 2003.

The tea was first offered at the Barnes & Noble at NMSU during the VIP night held at the bookstore Aug. 27. Rodriguez said that the tea was very popular, and that they ran a buy two, get one free promotion that evening to introduce the products to campus.

You can find the Tea of a Kind product line in the café portion of the Barnes & Noble at NMSU, located in the refrigerated section below the pastry display case.

To see a video of the brewing process, visit teaofakind.com.