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NMSU's information and communication technology degree ranked No. 15 'Best Buy'

NMSU's online bachelor of information and communication technology degree in the College of Engineering was ranked as the number 15 "Best Buy" among all competing online computer science degrees including specialties such as networking, medical informatics and information systems nationwide by GetEducated.com in spring 2013.

This is a photo of Jeff Beasley sitting at a desk.
Jeff Beasley, head of the Engineering Technology and Surveying Engineering Department, says the ICT degree program is very good, not only because it is affordable. (NMSU photo by Darren Phillips)

The online ICT program ranked number 15 with its cost of $36,378 and is a "Best Buy" for students seeking a high-quality, low-cost online degree.

"It's nice to be recognized," Engineering Technology and Surveying Engineering Department Head Jeff Beasley said. "That means we are doing something right."

Beasley said the program "is very good," but not only because it is affordable.

He said that the program provides an excellent knowledge base for its graduates. It is also a very relevant degree, since computers are used in everyday life. People use computers all the time and someone needs to know how to work with them, and NMSU's online ICT program provides students with a good understanding of the technology. Beasley also said that since the program is online it provides people in the work force a more convenient way to advance their career.

"The classes address what people who are going to go into this area need to know," Beasley said.

The program has been both popular and successful. When it began in 2005 there were six students enrolled and now there are around 170 students in the program, now the largest enrollment in the department.

One year, ICT students designed course exception software for the College of Engineering as their senior project. The exception software is used if a student needs to substitute a course. The software is very successful and there are plans to use it across the university, not only in the College of Engineering. A company has also licensed the software to take it to universities across the country.

GetEducated.com found that the average cost of an online bachelor's degree in computer science is $49,546. The most affordable program was at Middle Georgia State College and costs about $18,479. The most expensive program was at Rochester Institute of Technology with a price tag of about $91,560.

The 34 most affordable regionally accredited online bachelor's degrees in computer science were revealed in GetEducated.com's "Best Buy" rankings. The rankings were determined by analyzing tuition and distance learning fees at 50 regionally accredited colleges in the U.S. For NMSU to be ranked the online degree must cost objectively less than the average of all the online degrees reviewed in the comprehensive national data set.

The rankings can be found at: http://www.geteducated.com/online-college-ratings-and-rankings/best-buy-lists/online-it-bachelor-degree-best-affordable-online-degrees.

A Get Educated "Best Online Colleges" affordability ranking indicates NMSU's online bachelor's program has been independently reviewed, compared to its peers in a comprehensive national survey and found to offer one of the best values in online undergraduate education for technology students nationwide.