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NMSU's annual poster fair explores wide array of research, creative activity

More than 40 research posters were presented at the 13th annual University Research Council's Research and Creative Activities Fair Oct. 4 at New Mexico State University.

Two women discuss a research poster.
University Research Council judge Mary O'Connell, left, discusses a poster representing a research project titled "Minimum Lab PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)," by Katrina Doolittle, right, and David Schoep, not pictured, of the Department of Facilities and Services.

With topics ranging from urban entomology and beet armyworms to a study of the mysteries of the universe, NMSU students, faculty and staff shared updates on their research efforts in an afternoon of academic discussion, interaction and contemplation.

"The Research and Creative Activity Fair is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the vast diversity in research projects constantly underway at New Mexico State University," said Vimal Chaitanya, vice president for research. "Our university truly is a place where the quest for discovery is an ongoing process. I am very proud of our research and creative endeavors, and I thank all who participated for taking the time to share their progress with others."

The annual fair is sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research.

Projects looked at the preparation of autism spectrum specialists, analyzed methods to "Identify Native American Student Cultural Sources of Strength that Reinforce Persistence in Higher Education" and examined "Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation and Controls." Others explored topics like liquid algae extraction, tribal wisdom for business ethics, a transcriptomic approach to identifying an orphan's home and lab personal protective equipment.

In all, 44 poster presentations were made, up from about 30 posters during the 2011 and 2012 fairs. Of the 44 posters this year, 18 were from the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, nine were from the College of Arts and Sciences, eight were from the College of Engineering, four were from the College of Health and Social Services, three were from the College of Education, one was from the College of Business and one was from the Department of Facilities and Services.

The URC Fair is held in conjunction with the Alliance for Minority Participation conference, which allows students from all over the state of New Mexico to learn about research taking place at NMSU. It also provides an opportunity for faculty members to see other research or creative scholarly activity taking place on campus, which opens the door for potential collaboration between research projects.

The following posters were selected to receive prizes by URC judges Muhammed Dawood, associate professor in the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Shanna Ivey, associate professor in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences; Mary O'Connell, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences; and Steve Stochaj, Distinguished Professor in the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Tied for First Place:

"Infection Dynamics of Sylvatic Dengue Virus in a Reservoir Host Species" by K. Hanley, T. Kautz, M. Brown, S. Whitehead, S. Weaver, N. Vasiakis, and P. Marx


"Striving to be Tobacco Free" by S. Wilson, C. Kratzke, C. Spurny, M. Wilson and C. Luna

Second Place:

"Minimum Lab PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)" by K. Doolittle and D. Schoep

Third Place:

"Beet Armyworm, Spodoptera exigua, and Cotton Bollworm, Heliocoverpa zea, Development on Glandless Cotton" by J. Pierce, P. Monk, A. Garnett, O.J. Idowu, R.P. Flynn and C. Vasquez

"Eye on Research" is provided by New Mexico State University. This week's feature was written by Darrell J. Pehr of University Communications.