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New Mexico State University and Gadsden Independent School District awarded grant

The New Mexico State University College of Education, department of curriculum and instruction, in collaboration with the Gadsden Independent School District, has been awarded a U.S. Department of Education Dropout Prevention Demonstration grant of $490,683.

nt will serve approximately 2,000 students in grades six through nine.

The project will use contextually and content rich teaching and tutoring practices during and after-school, professional literacy education development for teachers, and family development and support. The paid tutors will be students from New Mexico State University and teachers in Gadsden.

"One thing we need to do is consistently ensure those who work directly with children are valued. In this case we will demonstrate that by reimbursing them," said Rudolfo Chavez Chavez, a professor of curriculum and instruction who wrote the proposal along with Cynthia Nava, associate superintendent at Gadsden Independent School District.

Chavez Chavez said the professional development will be co-constructed with the teachers. The family development and support will include collaborating with the ENLACE grant, a Kellogg Foundation program that gives parents the opportunity to learn about the schools and about what they can do at home to help their children succeed academically.

Chavez Chavez said New Mexico State collaborated with Gadsden because "they've been very open to new ways of thinking and learning as far as education is concerned. We've been able to create great learning opportunities for students and teachers with them."