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NMSU Hotline — June 5, 2015

NMSU?s Chile Pepper Institute set to ignite with Holy Jolokia spice rub

Holy Jolokia spice rub.jpg

As the weather warms up and grills begin to fire up, New Mexico State University?s Chile Pepper Institute wants to make sure backyard chefs are equipped to bring the heat. That?s why they are partnering with CaJohns Fiery Foods to unveil the newest in the Holy Jolokia collection, a spice rub specially designed for barbecue.

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Campus Announcements

Time to renew parking placards

NMSU departmental business that includes loading and/or unloading, as well as departmental visitors to campus, can request a special placard for $40 that will allow parking in specified areas. Current placards expire Tuesday, June 30. Departmental Placards do not automatically renew. The request form must be printed and signed by hand in order to be valid. Submission details are provided on the form.

Visit http://park.nmsu.edu/placard/ for details and to download the request form or contact 575-646-1839 or placard@nmsu.edu for additional information.

The PDF request form is best viewed with Internet Explorer or by selecting ?Open With Different Viewer? at the upper right-hand corner of Firefox. Chrome users may need to log on to chrome://plugins, disable Chrome PDF Viewer, and select ?Always allowed? on Adobe Reader.

Faculty and staff nominated to Quality Matters Hall of Excellence

Miley Grandjean of NMSU-Las Cruces and Kathy Roark-Diehl, John Adams and Sherrell Wheeler of NMSU-Alamogordo have been nominated to the Quality Matters Hall of Excellence for Quality Matters Course Reviewers. "Quality Matters expects all reviewers to be professional and knowledgeable about the QM standards, the review process and be effective communicators," as well as support the course representative with helpful feedback and effective recommendations. The nomination recognizes their ability to go ?above and beyond? in assisting course developers in meeting the expectations of a Quality Matters review. The nominees will be recognized at the Quality Matters National Conference in November, and their names will added to the Hall of Excellence at Quality Matters.

For more information, contact NMSU QM Coordinator Sharon Lalla at slalla@nmsu.edu or visit http://qualitymatters.org.

DACC Community Education courses available

In the DACC Community Education course, CSI ? Crime Scene Investigation, have fun learning about forensics, crime scene investigations and crime lab chemistry as you dust for fingerprints, analyze handwriting, examine hair and clothing and other experiments designed to show you just how tricky cases are solved. Search for evidence, gather clues and discover how science can help solve a mystery. The class is for kids ages 8?12. The class will be held from 9 a.m. to noon Monday-Friday, June 22-26. The cost is $146.

For more information or to sign up, email commed@dacc.nmsu.edu or call 575-527-7527.

NMSU Storm Water Management Program prepares for monsoon season

Each year, according to the National Weather Service Forecast Office, monsoon season affects the Southwest between June 15 and Sept. 30. With record levels of rainfall throughout Texas, New Mexicans are keeping an eye on the Doppler radar.

New Mexico State University has its own Storm Water Management Program, mandated by law and monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency. Jack Kirby, the assistant director of NMSU?s Environmental Health and Safety Office, runs the program.

?Public entities above a certain population are required to have a water management program. The city has a storm water management program, NMSU has a program, Dona Ana County has a program,? Kirby said. ?It?s EPA?s approach to containing nonpoint source pollution.?

Parking lots are a host for nonpoint source pollution. When it rains, storm water acts as a universal sweeping mechanism across the drainage area, bringing with it many of the chemicals and debris that may be in the parking lot.


NMSU receives Daniels Fund Boundless Opportunity Scholarship grant to assist non-traditional students

New Mexico State University has received a $40,000 grant from the Daniels Fund to provide Boundless Opportunity Scholarships to non-traditional students.

?The purpose of the grant is to provide need-based scholarships to adult learners,? said Anthony Marin, director of student affairs. ?The Boundless Opportunity Scholarships will provide additional support for students who have had a gap in their education ? either a gap in secondary and post-secondary education resulting in not entering a four-year college until they are at least 24 years old or had a gap in their college education for reasons of health, family, financial or other non-academic barriers.?

The grant will fund scholarships for 20 students for two years and helps to cover expenses such as tuition, fees, room and board, books and supplies and transportation and commuting expenses. The scholarship recipients will be selected in late July and the funds will be awarded for the fall 2015 semester. Students can apply for the scholarships through the NMSU Scholar Dollar$ program at https://scholarships.nmsu.edu/, which will be opened from June 15-July 15.


NMSU, DACC professors host first NewMexicoDLA online conference

New Mexico?s first chapter of the United States Distance Learning Association recently hosted its first online-only conference with the help of professors from New Mexico State University and Doņa Ana Community College.

Julia Lynn Parra, an assistant professor in the Curriculum and Instruction Department in the College of Education at NMSU, and Krista Kozel MacDonald, an assistant professor of communication and the online education coordinator at DACC, recently organized the New Mexico Distance Learning Association?s first conference as a way to introduce the new group to the community.

The first NewMexicoDLA conference was a one-day free online conference, themed ?What?s New in New Mexico in Higher Education with Distance, Online and Blended Learning.? It attracted nearly 40 participants statewide, more than what organizers expected.

?We didn?t do any PR (public relations), and we promoted it three days before it was happening,? Parra said. ?We really wanted to reach out just to our members. It was more like a practice. We hope to definitely promote it next year.?