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NMSU Hotline — June 8, 2015

NMSU ranks in top 10 percent for alumni economic earnings

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In a new report by the Brookings Institute, New Mexico State University was ranked in the top 10 percent for value-added mid-career salary. In the recent report, ?Beyond College Rankings: A Value-Added Approach to Assessing Two and Four-Year Schools,? by Brookings Fellow Jonathan Rothwell and Senior Research Assistant Siddharth Kulkarni, NMSU ranked 89th of 863 institutions for value added mid-career earnings.

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Campus Announcements

Upcoming training sessions offered through CLPD

The Center for Learning & Professional Development would like to remind all NMSU employees, including student employees, of the 2015 Compliance Training Certification. This required online training is due by Oct 1. Instructions and FAQ?s are available at http://training.nmsu.edu/2015-compliance-training/. Follow NMSU?s progress towards 100 percent compliance on http://training.nmsu.edu/2015-compliance-training-progress-report/.

In addition, we are hosting the following training opportunities.

FSA-RMR Information Session will be held June 9. To register visit https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=class000000000007429. Virtual Class: https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=virtc000000000001925.

FSA-RMR Procurement Card Receipt Destruction Supplement will be held June 9. To register visit https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=class000000000007430.
Virtual Class: https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=virtc000000000001926

Procurement Card Policies and Procedures will be held June 9. To register visit https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=class000000000005569.

Student Data Reporting in Cognos will be held June 11. To register visit https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=class000000000005551.

Open Lab - Web-based Training Help Session will be held June 11. To register visit https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=class000000000007044.

New Employee Orientation will be held June 15. To register visit https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=class000000000007025.

Hiring Student Employees using the EPAF System will be held June 15. To register visit https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=class000000000007090.

Customer Service Starts and Ends with YOU! will be held June 16. To register visit https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=class000000000007308

Introduction to Business Reporting Using IBM Cognos will be held June 16. To register visit https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=class000000000005559.

Provost's Supervisor and Department Head Training will be held June 17. To register visit https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=class000000000007360.

Preventing Harassment in the Academic and Workplace Setting - Supervisor Focus will be held June 17. To register visit https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=class000000000006973.

Open Lab - Web-based Training Help Session will be held June 18. To register visit https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=class000000000007045.

Banner 8 Student System will be held June 18. To register visit https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestOfferingDetails?offeringId=class000000000005531.

For other training opportunities and related information, visit http://training.nmsu.edu/.

New Mexico 4-H Leaderline Newsletter July-August-September issue now available

The July?August?September 2015 issue of the New Mexico 4-H Leaderline newsletter is now online. To read the new issue of Leaderline, go to http://aces.nmsu.edu/4h/documents/leaderline_july-august-september-2015_web_copy.pdf.

To read past issues, go to http://aces.nmsu.edu/4h/newsletters.html and select a newsletter.

For more information about the New Mexico 4-H Youth Development Program, including how to join, call the County Extension Office in your area at http://aces.nmsu.edu/county/.

Time to renew parking placards

NMSU departmental business that includes loading and/or unloading, as well as departmental visitors to campus, can request a special placard for $40 that will allow parking in specified areas. Current placards expire Tuesday, June 30. Departmental Placards do not automatically renew. The request form must be printed and signed by hand in order to be valid. Submission details are provided on the form.

Visit http://park.nmsu.edu/placard/ for details and to download the request form or contact 575-646-1839 or placard@nmsu.edu for additional information.

The PDF request form is best viewed with Internet Explorer or by selecting ?Open With Different Viewer? at the upper right-hand corner of Firefox. Chrome users may need to log on to chrome://plugins, disable Chrome PDF Viewer, and select ?Always allowed? on Adobe Reader.

New Mexico Agricultural Leadership program recruiting new group

Over the last 14 years the NM Ag Leadership (NMAL) program has served New Mexico by identifying and providing leadership development opportunities to more than 90 men and women in the food, agriculture and natural resource industries so they could become stronger and more effective in their industries and communities.

Be one of New Mexico?s strongest leaders by joining NMAL.They are presently recruiting participants for the 11th class scheduled to begin in November 2015. Download the application packet at http://aces.nmsu.edu/nmal/application.html and submit it via email or regular mail by Aug. 20.

DACC Community Education courses available

In the DACC Community Education course, Harry Potter, all aboard for lots of hands-on fun as we join the escapades of Harry and his friends. Play quidditch. Make an edible wand. Brew some fantastic potions to drink. Come join Harry, Ron and Hermoine where the magic of science, art and literature meet. For kids ages 6 to 11. The class will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday, June 22-26. The cost is $146.

For more information or to sign up email commed@dacc.nmsu.edu or call 575-527-7527.