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NMSU Home Economics School provides weekend fun for 4-Hers

Date: 03/03/2014

Sprinkled across different tables of the Eagle Road Community Center in Belen, N.M., are eager 4-H members anticipating the fun and knowledge to be shared through the sixth annual New Mexico 4-H Home Economics Schools.

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The 4-H Home Economics School offers a variety of fun, educational classes for youth.

Participants aged 9-19 engage in projects throughout the weekend of March 14-16, to develop and enhance leadership, citizenship and life skills.

?This is a jam-packed weekend,? said Mindy Tuner, 4-H youth development specialist. ?4-H members leave with completed projects and new friends. I tell my first-timers to come prepared to work hard and learn while having a bunch of fun.?

4-Hers choose one track per year of the five offered. The Dairy Foods and Pastry Pies School allows participants to explore dairy products, learn how to make a flaky pastry for fruit-filled turnovers and mini double crust pies.

The Outdoor Cooking School teaches concepts from grilling to solar ovens. 4-Hers will learn knife and food safety, food preparation and get a hands-on experience while preparing a meal for the entire group.

For the Housing and Interior Design II track, participants will take the skills learned in Housing and Interior Design I to understand concepts on repurposing household items and refurbishing furniture. Participants get a DIY experience turning old into looking new.

If starting a babysitting business is something your 4-Her is interested in, the Babysitting 101 class is the project for them. Participants will interact with all age groups and learn about creative play, the stages of children, how to prepare fun and nutritious snacks and how to create a business plan. Tips on resume building and interviews are included. New Mexico safety regulations require participants 11 years and older for this track.

The last track is for graduated participants of the Photography I class. Advanced Photography will teach 4-Hers the rule of thirds, how to understand light in a photo, skills to mount photos; youth must be familiar with the settings on their cameras to participate.

All senior 4-H members at least 14 years old are encouraged to apply to serve as junior instructors. The junior instructors acquire leadership skills by assisting with the activities and tracks.

?The idea is to have them become proficient in a project area giving them a skill set for expanding their project on their own, or in some cases, it may even lead to a career,? said Turner.

The cost is $70 per youth participant and $40 per adult volunteer. The Home Ec School is currently full, but participants can sign up to be waitlisted 4honline.com. The state deadline was March 1 but other counties may still be accepting participants. For more information, contact Mindy Turner at midenny@nmsu.edu.

Written by Jocelyn N. Apodaca

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