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Former HRTM head Janet Green now working with NMSU Board of Regents

Date: 03/02/2015

From her time as an undergraduate student at New Mexico State University to her staff and administrative positions at the school, Janet Green has given countless hours to the university. Her latest role is as special adviser to the president for the Board of Regents.

A Socorro native, Green enrolled at NMSU in 1976 and received a business administration degree in management. During her time at NMSU, she became very involved in her college, as well as volunteering for the community. Green and her freshman roommate began volunteering for the Republican Party and this began her long friendship with NMSU President Garrey Carruthers, who at the time was the state party chairman. From working together at the Republican Party to babysitting his children, Green has spent much of her career working with Carruthers.

After graduating with her bachelor?s degree, Green found a career in government, where she worked in Santa Fe under Carruthers while he was governor, and also served under Gov. Gary Johnson. She was the executive assistant to the first lady of New Mexico, Katherine Carruthers, and later returned as the deputy cabinet secretary for tourism. ?I enjoyed it. It?s the best job in government, if you can get it,? said Green.

When Johnson was re-elected, she was promoted to the cabinet post and worked for tourism for the state of New Mexico for more than 7 years.

She loved the government job, but had the opportunity to go back to NMSU, where she said she had left her heart. In 1992, she earned a master?s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis on tourism studies. During this time, NMSU won a federal USDA Rural and Economic Development Through Tourism grant, and she was hired as a graduate assistant to work on the grant, eventually becoming its full-time director.

After she earned her doctorate, she became the permanent director of the School of Hotel, Tourism and Restaurant Management, and she spent 12 years with HRTM.

?I loved the discipline and working with students was phenomenal. My time with HRTM was really wonderful,? said Green. She said she feels the program accomplished many of goals during her time spent there, from building food labs to raising enrollment and visibility.

After 12 years with the department, she felt that new leadership was needed. Green accepted a position as Carruthers' special adviser for the board of regents and has been doing this job for seven months.

?It is sort of a jigsaw puzzle being put together of some of the things I have done professionally, where I can draw on those skill sets,? said Green. ?The thing I miss most is the daily interface of working with students.?

Written by Allison McCollister

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